Why it is essential to choose right chatbot framework?


While AI-powered automation initiatives are opening new opportunities, enterprises are challenged in understanding how to get them started. Implementing a basic chatbot does not offer any unique value proposition to enterprises, instead loses out on various prospects to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline internal operations, save employee efforts, and others. Hence, selecting a chatbot framework with the right technology and powerful building blocks (intent, entity, context, conversation design among others) becomes necessary for enterprises to provide enhanced user experience and meet their business objectives. Selecting the right chatbot framework results in highly customized chatbots with specific functionalities and integration across communication channels. This transforms the business by enabling human-like conversations, improving operational efficiencies and driving better user engagement.

Selecting an ideal chatbot — The Killer App for Enterprise Needs

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Platform Selection:

Selecting a chatbot platform where developers can create chatbots plays a key role in the chatbot building process. Enterprises today, are looking for code less platform which are easy to use and empower customer service teams to build chatbot with relevant business know-how and expertise. KLoBot, a no-code chatbot builder platform support enterprises in successfully implementing chatbots like a pro to boost customer satisfaction and RoI. Several developers have already registered with KLoBot’s chatbot platform and the number is expected to grow rapidly, as KLoBot holds the ability to fulfill automation needs of enterprises.

Defining Objectives & Value Proposition:

The objective of implementing chatbots and identifying the areas of automation must be narrowed down by enterprises to select the appropriate chatbot which can yield maximum benefits. Most of the common objectives includes handling mundane tasks, enhancing customer care, generating leads, and reducing operational costs among others. Defining the line of business (B2B or B2C) and communication channels where chatbots would be integrated help enterprises to choose the best chatbot for their business. Chatbots created on KLoBot platform can be accessed via well-known channels, or within selected mobile app to enhance internal as well as external communication. KLoBot’s AI and ML based chatbots ensure higher value proposition by performing actions on behalf of user.

Target Audience:

Analysing the potential client becomes necessary as every enterprise has specific set of targeted customers, which should be considered during chatbot implementation. As chatbots will become the bridge between enterprise and their customers, selected chatbots must understand customer preferences, and their lifestyles. Better engaging with the targeted audience enrich the brand reputation as well as sales and marketing efforts of the company. Chatbots developed on KLoBot platform offer on-demand organizational intelligence and support enterprises in reaching prospective customers through their preferred channel resulting in higher conversion rate.

Skills & Functionalities:

Identifying the key features and functionalities desired in a chatbot, aids enterprises in running their business effectively. Evaluating the skills help enterprises in selecting the right chatbots that better suit their business needs. KLoBot’s intelligent reusable skills assist companies in automating routine tasks, sending reminders, automating meeting coordination, and performing other complex tasks. Chatbot built on KLoBot platform can be managed from a centralized location with sophisticated capabilities including speech, language understanding, speech to text, text analytics, and more.

Seamless & Fast response:

Response time is more than simply an automatic reply which often lead to unhappy or angry customers, especially if it is delayed. A frustrated customer or client dissatisfaction impacts an organization’s bottom line. Customers expect quick and effective answers which resolve their queries without any delay, and enterprises must strive to enhance customer experience should actively avoid such delays. KLoBot helps enterprises in developing AI-based chatbots for knowledge repository search and QnA which ensures smooth and faster response. Selecting the chatbot with chat transfer features help enterprises to effectively deal with complex customer queries and KLoBot’s live human agent handoff capabilities makes sure the seamless handover of complex queries from chatbot to human agent.

Approaching Chatbots: Like a Pro

To maximize the benefits of chatbots, enterprises must be clear with their objectives and customer expectations, as this would be the first step an enterprise would take to automate their business processes. KLoBot’s platform is helping enterprises across industry verticals to upgrade and transform their business based on their organization needs. Selecting and integrating chatbots that fit with enterprise requirements enable companies to cut down operational costs, raise employee productivity and optimize customer experience. With KLoBot’s intelligent chatbot building process enterprises have developed text and voice enabled chatbots within minutes which offers premium customer support across all channels.

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