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Law firms and lawyers managing business in a digitally tech-savvy environment, need to consciously capitalize on emerging automation technologies to better manage their workflow and client experience. Typically, lawyers spend about 40% of their time in scheduling meetings, searching for relevant documents and managing volumes of case history databases. These challenges become exacerbated when handling multiple clients and varying client matters, leading to reduced focus on core business activities. A high level of administrative support needed for the seamless functioning of law firms as well as solo practitioners has made Virtual Assistants a perfect solution for the legal industry. In addition to increased staffing costs, difficulties in acquiring skilled talent and communication channels have left little room for law firms and lawyers to find a cost-effective way to stay ahead of competition. In such challenging scenarios, integrating virtual assistants is the most valuable proposition to gain operational efficiencies and provide best-in-class customer experience.

Virtual assistants facilitate lawyers to perform routine legal tasks more quickly, accurately, and in a cost-effective way. In the absence of relevant security solutions in place, accessing legal documents as well as file sharing have become increasingly challenging for lawyers especially outside the office network, considering privacy and compliance concerns. Virtual assistants built with text and voice capabilities play an influential role in boosting the productivity of lawyers, by providing secure access to client documents from anywhere and on-the-go, substantially improving mobility. These solutions offer attorneys instant and efficient administrative support by providing access to the right information at the right time and allowing them to focus more on critical work. Virtual assistants also provide additional insights to lawyers in formulating their cases and establishing a strong relationship between the lawyer and the client.

To summarize, Virtual assistants have a huge potential to radically change the legal industry by supporting lawyers in delivering better and personalized legal services to their clients. Intelligent virtual assistants are disrupting the traditional legal practice and are aiding lawyers in streamlining operations and helping them remain competitive by minimizing their time spent on monotonous tasks.

Challenges Faced by Lawyers

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Domain-specific Virtual Assistants — “Simplifying Matters” for Lawyers

While intelligent assistants in smart devices (smart speakers, smartphones) are gaining popularity and gradually being adopted by lawyers, they still need to deal with a variety of challenges and associated risks. These devices integrated with AI assistants pose numerous Security & Privacy issues for lawyers. The key functionality of these devices is to capture and store all transcripts and data on external servers or cloud, resulting in Loss of privacy as well as Loss of control for lawyers. These smart devices are not built with enterprise-grade security and have weak authentication, making them easier to hack allowing access to client data and other sensitive legal information.

Lawyers using smart devices for voice search queries must deal with issues of general-purpose assistants, which are typically non-domain specific, resulting in poor user experience. These voice assistants in smart devices often skip interpreting legal-domain specific words that restrict the search results to be more precise.

Major Reasons Why Lawyers Should Integrate KLoBot’s Virtual Assistants

More Secure and Compliant

Privacy and data security are major concerns for lawyers, especially with reference to confidential data of clients. KLoBot’s virtual assistant is compliant with data privacy regulations, offering secure transcription services and feature-rich admin console, which strengthen the document security as well as secure access for lawyers. KLoBot’s virtual assistant understands the legal industry contextually, reducing complexity in accessing the relevant information securely as well as enabling on-the-go agility. The enhanced mobility also helps while sharing documents with other colleagues across different channels.

Automated meeting coordination

KLoBot’s virtual assistant supports lawyers in managing their day to day activities, including scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and other basic tasks. Coordinating calendars and organizing meetings are time-consuming as well as cumbersome for lawyers as they are often reliant on other junior professionals for scheduling important meetings. In addition, KLoBot’s virtual assistant provides automated meeting coordination, resulting in reduced scheduling time and efficiently organized calendars.

Handling customer interactions

KLoBot’s intelligent virtual assistant can handle client interactions by “humanizing” communication through text and voice. The solution can connect with clients, personalizing their experience and provide reminders related to case hearings, meetings, and other case details. Lawyers handle repeated client queries and provide legal advice for the same issues to different clients, which hampers their productivity. KLoBot’s virtual assistant handles FAQs and manages client queries, which reduce the workload of lawyers. KLoBot’s “People Search” helps prospective clients to quickly and efficiently check the lawyer’s or law firm’s expertise. This enables faster access to right the lawyer with the necessary capability and expertise as well as helps in generating targeted leads.

Legal Search

KLoBot’s virtual assistant is helping lawyers to search for important documents, contracts, and other materials of specific cases on-the-go using text as well as voice.

The intelligent virtual assistant can sort through legal documents from voluminous records, allowing lawyers to retrieve old case information. For Instance, KLoBot’s solution “netDocShare” a cloud-based document management service, provides lawyers with access to NetDocuments content on SharePoint by using KLoBot’s text and voice-enabled virtual assistant.

Enabling Smart Offices

Other than FAQs, every client has unique legal requirements that need to be addressed. KLoBot’s virtual assistant is enabling smart law firms that provide lawyers ease of usability, better control over resources, streamlining their practice and promptly assisting clients in resolving their legal issues. KLoBot’s virtual assistant ensures the security of confidential files even in external environments, which makes sharing documents significantly easier. By supporting lawyers in efficiently carrying out basic tasks, KLoBot’s virtual assistant augments operational capabilities resulting in improved productivity.

Benefits of using KLoBot Virtual Assistant

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KLoBot-enabled chatbots empower law firms to keep their day-to-day operations on track, resulting in efficient remote working. KLoBot, leveraging the power of voice and text, offers organizational intelligence to its users, and assists law firms in delivering economically valuable work output. For deploying chatbots within minutes and effectively serving remote workers check out this customizable platform.



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