The growing adoption of conversational AI chatbots

Determining the right chatbot that best fits an organization’s needs and strategy is a crucial step for any firm.

The growing adoption of conversational AI chatbots is empowering enterprises to deliver sophisticated employee experiences. These chatbots have the capabilities and intelligence which are required to meet the present complicated needs of any business, including a vast number of communication channels and 24/7 availability.

Chatbots are one of the best solutions, especially for firms working with multiple data sources. Several firms across verticals are increasingly using AI-enabled chatbots to replace repetitive human work and strengthen their efficiency.

AI-enabled chatbots are changing the way businesses are done by allowing employees to access information from multiple portals seamlessly. With a strong knowledge base, these intelligent chatbots can identify patterns and respond aptly with quality answers. These AI chatbots serve as a front-line virtual agent for firm employees dealing with numerous data sources.

What is the best AI chatbot builder platform available?

Determining the right chatbot that best fits an organization’s needs and strategy is a crucial step for any firm. A firm may need a chatbot for internal as well as external uses, and creating those intelligent chatbots requires a bot builder platform. One such platform is “KLoBot,” which is a DIY no-code AI chatbot builder platform for any firm.

With KLoBot’s easy drag and drop user interface, a chatbot can be quickly designed for simple as well as complex bot interactions. KLoBot can be configured with several popular channels, including MS Teams, Facebook, Twilio, Slack, and Cortana, among others.

KLoBot is an incredibly intelligent platform that can assist and accelerate a firm’s digital transformation with its intuitive conversational UI. Chatbots built on KLoBot come with skills such as speech to text, language understanding, text analytics, web search, and much more. To know more about KLoBot and the benefits it can offer to your firm, please click here.

KLoBot — create intelligent chatbots to meet organizations custom requirements

KLoBot legal chatbot

KLoBot allows firms to surface firm intelligence from multiple lines to business data sources and empower remote workers to experience human-like conversations. KLoBot helps firms in developing AI chatbots to perform tasks such as collect, modify, and post information in the line of business systems.

The AI-enabled chatbots build on the KLoBot platform empower organizations to achieve a goal of enhancing business performance across a firm.

Chatbots designed on KLoBot simplify human and machine interactions and fit in multiple business functions and across a firm’s favorite channels. Get in touch to know about KLoBot offerings by industry.



KLoBot — the Best AI-Chatbot builder platform

An AI-powered Chatbot builder platform for legal professionals. Create text+voice based conversational chatbots within minutes.