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No-Code Platforms — Future of chatbot development

Increasing focus on digital transformation has been driving the popularity of conversational AI and text & voice-based chatbots. Many enterprises are leveraging these solutions for automating as well as humanizing conversations and enriching customer interactions. As chatbots are becoming the quintessential tool to deliver premium customer support as well as automating operational routines, organizations are looking for solutions that augment existing capabilities in these areas. AI-powered bots that can understand, learn, and even recommend based on customer behavior are gaining top-mindshare among executives. There is a huge demand in the market for solutions that can deploy AI-powered bots within minutes to enhance lead generation and support branding activities. The value proposition of these solutions is the convenience to convert contact centres into business generation centres within no time.

In a competitively fierce market, businesses have started turning toward enterprise-grade applications with capabilities to offer ultra-personalized customer experiences to improve brand value and differentiation. The market is witnessing a heightened sense of urgency, especially with customer interactions, as these are increasingly correlated with several business metrics and are pressurizing software development teams to deliver applications faster than ever before. In addition, there are significant gaps between developers and business requirements, which are impeding the rising demand for customer-facing applications among enterprises. Quite often, chatbot developers don’t indulge in understanding the nuances of the deployment environment, domain knowledge, and the perceived value of the bots leading to unsatisfactory results.

Can anyone develop chatbots?

Yes, using KLoBot’s chatbot builder platform, anyone can develop and deploy chatbots with minimal programming expertise. Knowledge managers in law firms are always on the lookout for advanced automation technologies to enhance lawyer’s productivity as well as minimize their spend on repetitive routine activities. Knowledge management professionals and teams are moving beyond traditional management practices to uncover efficient solutions to connect people, process, and technology. In addition, these solutions typically do not require expert programming knowledge and lessen dependency on expensive IT expertise. Platforms with the ability to shift from current transactional work to transformational value are witnessing increased traction.

No-Code development platforms have risen as the path towards innovation that reduces enterprise dependency on developers and third-party software developers. These platforms are reinventing the way chatbots are built by using prebuilt modules, reducing the development time, and transforming the business process.

Targeting at organizations requiring tools for faster and easy to build bots, No-Code chatbot builder platforms allow rapid development and deployment of chatbots, becoming the preferred choice for startups, enterprises, and non-technical developers.

KLoBot — A No-Code chatbot builder platform

KLoBot Inc., a disruptive startup, is accelerating enterprise digital transformation initiatives by simplifying human–machine interactions with their chatbot solution, “KLoBot”. The No-Code DIY chatbot builder platform makes it easier to develop web, mobile, and business applications especially for businesses with minimal IT support. KLoBot’s elegance lies in the ability to build customer-facing applications using a simple drag and drop interface. The No-Code development platform offers agility, reduced development costs, and enhanced productivity by designing and deploying chatbots within a few hours.

KLoBot’s chatbot building process

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Creating or Selecting Skills:

Clients using the drag and drop interface, can either create their own skills or select available skills from KLoBot’s reusable skills categories, which consist of reminders, information, tasks, QnA, and Flow. KLoBot enables users to build AI-enabled chatbots for simple as well as complex tasks, including transaction completion process, knowledge repository search, and virtual personal assistants among others. The bot also provides seamless integration with NetDocuments, allowing users to access NetDocuments content by using voice or text.

Configure and Train Chatbots:

KLoBot’s custom channel deployment allows enterprises to configure chatbots on a wide range of communication channels, including Facebook, Skype, Cortana, Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Twilio, web chat, email, etc. Other than these standard channels offered by KLoBot, enterprises can even configure chatbots with their specific client applications using direct line as a channel. KLoBot leverages ML to train chatbots to continuously enhance Chatbot & Human interactions using natural language. In addition to learning, these bots are capable of comprehensive reporting and generating insights based on user interaction. These functionalities help businesses to better understand and target the key metrics resulting in improved service capabilities and ROI.

Robust Security Features:

Some adjustments are needed after configuring skills to chatbots. KLoBot’s bot builder user interface assists clients in managing all their chatbots from a centralized location, with minimal customized settings.

End-to-End Testing:

The final step of KLoBot’s chatbot building process involves testing, which ensures that the organizational AI chatbot requirements are met. It includes testing of configured skills across chatbots on different communication channels. This final step ends the KLoBot’s turnkey chatbot development process.

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KLoBot — the Best AI-Chatbot builder platform

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